The Top COVID-19 Hot Spots in the U.S.

The Top COVID-19 Hot Spots in the U.S.

These are the 25 counties with the highest seven-day averages for new COVID cases per capita.

The COVID-19 pandemic is approaching the two-year mark, and while vaccines have helped the country return to some form of normalcy, there are still many communities where the virus is a grim reality. On average, over 1,000 Americans are dying from the disease every day.

The U.S. saw an average of 111,376 cases per day and 1,138 deaths per day in the seven days that ended Dec. 7, according to the nonpartisan data center USAFacts. In comparison, there were around 2,000 deaths per day at the height of the delta surge in September 2021 and about 3,500 deaths per day at the peak of the pandemic in January 2021.

Kansas was particularly hard-hit of late: Of the 25 U.S. counties with the highest average infection rates over the seven days ending Dec. 6, 11 were in that state. Missouri also has its share of hot spots, with three counties on the list.

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COVID-19 USA news update

Notably, Bennington County, Vermont, also has been battling a COVID outbreak, even though Vermont has one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. According to local news, state health officials have been monitoring outbreaks at multiple nursing homes in the state recently, with the biggest outbreak at a facility in the town of Bennington.

These are the 25 counties with the highest average rates of new cases per capita over a seven-day period, according to USAFacts. See more information on the data here.

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